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Can I archive or make vendors inactive or restore a deleted vendor?

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With QuickBooks Online (QBO), you don't actually archive but rather "delete" them. This is not a permanent deletion, they can be undeleted at any time.

When you delete a vendor, they are removed from the Vendor List, reporting options and any other place vendors are listed. This is not a complete removal of their information, you will still see their previous activity with your company in reports and their transactions will still be available to access. If you have transactions using the deleted vendor, they will say "Name (deleted)" with the name of the deleted vendor.

If a vendor has a balance when deleted, QuickBooks Online will automatically add an adjusting entry to make the vendor balance $0.00. If this is unwanted, make sure the vendor has a zero balance before deleting them from the vendor list.

If you need to edit their historical information or add new information you can undelete them.

To Delete a Vendor:

  1. Go to the Vendors tab and click Vendor List.
  2. Select a Vendor, and then click Delete.
  3. Click Yes to confirm the deletion.

To Undelete a Vendor:

  1. Go to the Vendors tab and click Vendor List.
  2. On the top right-hand corner, click Related Reports.
  3. Select the Deleted Vendors report.
  4. Click the vendor you wish to undelete.
  5. Clear the Deleted checkbox.
  6. Click Save.
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