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How do I get a Missing Checks report?

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QuickBooks Online does not have a specific Missing Checks report, which would allow users to list all checks, sorted by check number, so that they may scan for missing or duplicate check numbers.  

Currently our solution is to customize the QuickReport for the bank account. 

To create the report:


  1. Go to the Company tab and click Chart of Accounts.
  2. Highlight the bank account with a single click.
  3. Click on the Report button in the bottom, right-hand corner.
  4. From the Account QuickReport, click the Customize button.
  5. In the General section, select All Dates for the Transaction Date.
  6. In the Group By section, select None.
  7. In the Sort By Section, select Num.
  8. In the Lists section, select the bank account for Account, select All Accounts for the Distribution Account and click the drop-down arrow next to Transaction Type.
  9. Scroll up to the top of the drop-down list and click Select Multiple.
  10. Using the Select from List, Add each of the following check types:
    1.  Bill Payment (Check)
    2.  Check
    3.  Liability Payment (Check)
    4.  Payroll Check 
    5.  Prior Liability Payment
    Note: Ctrl+Click will allow you select several. 
  11. Click OK then click the Run Report button.

You may want to memorize this report for future use with a meaningful name, such as: "Missing Checks Bank of America". For help on creating  a memorized report, see our Knowledge Base article KB 2524

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