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What browsers can I use to access QuickBooks Online?

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Supported browsers for Windows:

  • Internet Explorer, version 10 or later (32 bit only)  If you are using Internet Explorer 8, please see our article 5785.
  • Mozilla Firefox, version 21 or later
  • Google Chrome (we block anything older than 2 releases past)
  • Safari for Windows version 5.1.7 or later
  • Companies with the new interface wanting to use Internet Explorer or Safari will need to use IE 10 or Safari 6.1 or higher.  

Supported browsers for Mac OS X:

  • Mozilla Firefox, version 19 or later
  • Safari 5.1.7 or later
  • Google Chrome
  • Companies with the new interface, only Safari 6.1 or higher 

Common questions:  

  • Exporting report data to Excel requires Excel 97 or later.
  • Exporting data to QuickBooks or Quicken desktop edition requires an Internet Explorer ActiveX component (you will be prompted by IE if you don't already have it).
  • For Safari, we currently do not offer payroll export to QuickBooks or Quicken desktop edition.
  • For information on using QuickBooks Online with mobile devices, see knowledgebase article 2862.
  • We don't currently support the Linux operating system.  If you choose to use QBO with Linux anyway, we recommend using it with Chrome or the latest version of Firefox.
  • We support the 32 bit version of IE.  If you have a Windows 7 or 8 64 bit system, you need to use QBO in the 32 bit version of IE.
  • We don't have any hard-and-fast systems requirements per se.  If you can run one of the recommended browsers on your system, then your system should be fine for QBO.  Check with Google (Chrome), Mozilla (Firefox), Microsoft (IE) or Apple (Safari) for system requirements for each browser.

Tip:  You can find what browser you're using by visiting  If you're using Firefox or Chrome you can type about: in the URL field and also find the browser specifications.

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