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Overview of Converting data from QuickBooks Desktop, Pro or Premier.

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If you'd like to import your QuickBooks desktop data, we're here to help! Find the version you'd like to import from, download the import guide, and check the article listed:

QuickBooks for Windows Pro/Premier and Mac 2008 or later:

All other older versions of QuickBooks:

If you have payroll attached to your QuickBooks for Windows company, you should import your data first, then complete the payroll setup interview found on the Home page.

There are several requirements and limitations you need to be aware of, and they're listed in the QuickBooks Online Import Guide in the blue section. You can import data from QuickBooks for Windows only during the first 60 days of creating your QuickBooks Online company. When you import, your QuickBooks for Windows data replaces any existing data in your QuickBooks Online company, and you can't restore the data or reverse the import process later.

If, after reading the guide and article, you still need help, sign in to your company and click Help on the upper right, then choose Contact Us.

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