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I processed a Sales Receipt using the correct credit card, but under the wrong customer name through Merchant Services, how do I correct this?

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In order to correct the transaction processed via credit card through Merchant Services and reflect under the correct customer name the Sales Receipt will need to be reversed via the entry of a refund.

  1. Go to Customer tab and click Refund or Credit.
  2. Under Are you giving a refund or credit?, click on Refund.
  3. For Which best describes what you want to do?, click on Refund for goods or services that didn’t satisfy the customer.
  4. Click OK.
  5. In the Customer: field select the incorrect customer's name.
  6. Make sure to the Refund Date is the date of when the credit card payment was processed.
  7. Enter in the income account or Product/Service used on Sales Receipt and the Amount.
  8. In the Memo: field type in: Reversal of Sales Receipt, correct credit card processed, but under incorrect customer name. (Or any memo that will provide clear explanation).
  9. For Refund Method: you can use Cash.
  10. On the Refund From: Field select the bank account funds originally went to.
  11. Click to uncheck To be printed.
  12. In the Check#: field type in: Reversal of Sales Rec.

Once this step is completed you will see the original Sales Receipt in the Customer register, but then you will also see the Reversal of the Sales Receipt as a Refund. (This process allows for the original transaction that the credit card was processed through to show and the confirmation that the credit card was billed, but with an explanation that it was an error).

Now, create a new Sales Receipt under the correct customer name.

  1. Go to Customer tab and click Sales Receipt.
  2. In the Customer: field select the correct customers name.
  3. Fill in the Sales Receipt with the data that the original Sales Receipt contained.
  4. Make sure to the Sale Date is the date of when the credit card payment was processed.
  5. In the Memo: type in the credit card was originally processed through incorrect customer - (incorrect customers name) - just for reference.

This will now show the sales receipt  and income under the correct customer name. Plus you will still have record of the credit card confirmation provided by Merchant Services.

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