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Why don't I see the Undo Reconciliation button I had in the Desktop version of QuickBooks?

Answer ID: 2923

The Undo Reconciliation option that you may be familiar with from other versions is currently not available in QuickBooks Online.

It is still possible to manually unreconcile, but for quicker resolution, we have created a KnowledgeBase article to assist you in troubleshooting reconciliation problems that should lead you to the root cause of the problem. There are three general categories that all reconciliation problems fall within. Troubleshooting for each of these situations takes a fraction of the time that manual unreconcile may require.  Knowledgebase article 2910 covers all three scenarios.

If you already know what is wrong with your reconciliation and simply need to manually adjust the reconcile status on a transaction, follow the steps in  KB 6555(Caution: This action will affect your Opening Balance. If you are not 100% sure you are making the correct adjustment to your data, please stop and use KB 2910 to track down the issue. Even if you are sure, it is strongly recommended you keep record of the changes you are making.)


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