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I don't see my GoPayment transactions in the GoPayment Transaction List report

Answer ID: 4745

If you're looking for your already-processed GoPayment transactions in QuickBooks Online and some of them aren't showing up on the GoPayment Transaction List report, you may have altered the memo field.  The system looks for the value "GoPayment:" in the memo field of the transaction, and if you've removed that, the report won't list the transaction.

To make these transactions appear on the report, you'll have to go through them one by one and enter "GoPayment:" in the memo field.

Also, once GoPayment is connected, it does not go back and import transactions that were processed prior to connecting. The only transactions that will appear are the ones processed after connecting it to QBO .

GoPayment transactions are either Sales Receipts or Received Payments

To locate the missing GoPayment transactions:

  1. Go to the customer menu and choose Sales Receipts (or Receive Payments).
  2. Select the Recent tab from the upper left hand corner of the screen.
  3. Then choose All. This will produce a report of recent Sales Receipts (or Payments).
  4. Double click on any transaction you believe to be a GoPayment transaction and edit the memo.
  5. Edit the Memo to read "GoPayment" and save.

These transactions will now appear on the GoPayment Transaction List.


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